Iowa Donor Network and Local Transplant Centers Achieve Healthy ROI from TXP Chat™ Organ Transplant Coordination Platform

Learn More Efficient Transplantation Processes in Your DSA! 

 TXP Chat™ delivers significant clinical engagement, reduction of redundant phone calls, increases in productivity, and improvement in information timeliness and accuracy. Confidence in your mission...

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An Optimistic Future for Organ Transplantation with Artificial Intelligence

Don't miss our poster at NATCO and AOPO 2018!

We collaborated with medical and research professionals at BaylorScott&White Health and University of Iowa featuring a principled approach fueling implementation AI in TXP Chat™. Find out how many more kidneys can be transplanted with AI and maintain 

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Procurement and Transplantation Competing Performance Metrics

Is it possible to do both?

The organ procurement organizations (OPO) and transplant centers (TC) have been tasked with conflicting performance metrics. OPOs are driven for increased volume. TCs are driven for improved quality of care, improved patient outcomes, and reduced costs. OPO policies...

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Changing Times for Organ Transplant Communication

Transplant communication is CHAOS!

Medical professionals lack timely access to secure and accurate information required to determine the viability of donated organs and coordinate their successful recovery. Organ transplantation and other healthcare emergency responses are unique due to the...

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How to Transplant more Kidneys

Will the organ shortage crisis in the USA ever be abetted? What efforts are transplant centers, organ procurement organizations (OPO), and regulatory bodies doing in order to transplant more kidneys? We found the top 5 ways to increase the number of successful kidney transplants:

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Secure or HIPAA Compliant - What's the Difference?

Clinical messaging platforms as an increasingly important healthcare communication resource. Information and communication technologies at Organ Procurement Organizations and Transplant Centers must satisfy various regulatory requirements due to the sensitive nature of the information. Gone are...

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Top 5 Reasons Kidneys are Discarded

In the USA, nearly one in five donated kidneys (3,159) recovered with intent to transplant were discarded in 2015. This is happening despite nearly 100,000 patients waiting for a transplant, 22 dying every day, and over 600,000 patients with end-stage renal disease that would benefit from a...

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AI Chatbot Technology for Organ Transplant

RING RING! A call breaks the silence at 3AM when a donated organ becomes available, and a doctor is asked if they would pursue and transplant the organ for their sick patient.

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